Ryan White Project

Providing a coordinated response to the HIV epidemic in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area.

Caucus, Committees, and Taskforces

Standing Caucus & Committees

Executive Committee
Assessment Committee
Comprehensive Planning Committee
Consumer Caucus
Council Procedures Committee
Evaluation Committee
Housing Committee
Membership Committee
Priorities Committee
Public Policy Committee
Quality Management Committee

Caucus & Committee Responsibilities

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is comprised of the Planning Council Chair, Planning Council Vice-Chair, Secretary, Committee Chairs and Committee Vice-Chairs; the Committee Chair serves as the voting member of the Executive Committee. Vice- Chair’s will attend Executive Committee meeting but will vote only in the absence of the Committee Chair.

Assessment Committee: The Assessment Committee identifies the needs of the Atlanta EMA populations, identifies unmet needs of specific populations, and provides that information to the Priorities Committee on an annual basis and to the appropriate Planning Council Committee on a regular basis.

Comprehensive Planning Committee: The Comprehensive Plan Committee develops and monitors the Atlanta EMA’s HIV Health Services Comprehensive Plan to guide the Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council in its work to deliver HIV services throughout the EMA.

Council Procedures Committee: The Council Procedures Committee is responsible for oversight of the operations of the Council and recommending amendments to the By-Laws and Standard Operating Procedures, as appropriate. The Committee may also be involved in actions related to the Council’s Grievance Procedures. The Chair of this Committee shall serve as the Parliamentarian of the Council.

Evaluation Committee: The Evaluations Committee is responsible for the assessment of the efficiency of the Recipient’s administrative mechanism in rapidly disbursing funds to the areas of greatest need in the Atlanta EMA and other evaluations as assigned by the Executive Committee or the Planning Council.

Housing Committee: The Housing Committee identifies opportunities to meet housing needs for Ryan White Part A consumers living with HIV/AIDS. The Committee reviews and provides feedback on the City of Atlanta’s HOPWA funding recommendations, researches needs, gaps and barriers to housing and reports this to the Priorities Committee and Planning Council.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee ensures an open nomination process by way of an annual membership drive with application. The Committee determines Voting Members and At-Large Members in order to ensure broad- based Council Membership with the appropriate legislative reflection. The annual roster of recommendations for membership shall be presented to the CEO for approval and/or appointment. The Membership Committee reviews the attendance records of the membership and recommend to the Executive Committee any action deemed necessary.

Priorities Committee: The Priorities Committee is comprised of un-aligned members of the Planning Council, and considers service needs and recommends priority rankings and funding percentages for allocation of funds. The Committee examines the Needs Assessment, the Comprehensive Plan, Epidemiological data, and other data to recommend priority areas for funding.

Public Policy Committee: The Public Policy Committee involves the Planning Council Membership in educational efforts, drawing upon the diversity of the council to illustrate a broad, effective, community response to the HIV epidemic. The Committee reviews the public policies on the local, regional, state, and federal level and advises the members of the Planning Council of the potential impact of legislation which may affect the Ryan White Part A program, or its Consumers.

Quality Management Committee: The Quality Management Committee has the responsibility for the development, oversight and evaluation of the quality management plan to ensure access to and retention in care, quality of services and related outcomes and linkage of social support services to medical services. HRSA Quality Measures will serve as the basis for the quality evaluation.

Task Forces

Oral Health Task Force: The mission of the Oral Health Task Force is to ensure that all Ryan White clients in the EMA have access to Oral Health Care Services.

Vulnerable Populations Task Force: Our task force will utilize the results of the Needs Assessment to evaluate disparities through the lens of vulnerable populations. The analysis of Viral Load Suppression and the examination of other data points including HIV testing, Intake, OAHS care, undetectable status and retention in care. Our deliverable will be quality improvement recommendations.