Ryan White Project

Providing a coordinated response to the HIV epidemic in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area.

Michael’s Story


I benefited from access to services and medications during a long period I worked for myself and later in life during a lapse in insurance. During the initial period of receiving services through Ryan White, I had access to the things that I needed, which at the time were checkups, labs, and medicine. Later in life, I found I needed more.

During a recent lapse in my insurance, I learned how useful and robust the services available to me through Ryan White are. I found myself in need of access to behavioral and Mental Health Services in addition to the labs and medications I was already receiving. I also found myself in need of Dental Care, which I was connected to very conveniently.
All of the providers that I encountered during this period were dedicated and gave me the feeling that they did have my best interest in their hearts and minds. There was a sense of dedication and care that is truly desired and needed by individuals in the situation that I was in.