Ryan White Project

Providing a coordinated response to the HIV epidemic in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area.

Barry’s Story


I was diagnosed with full blown AIDS in 2003 (with 96 T-Cells and a viral load over 100,000). It took years to overcome the sigma of walking into a building where AIDS was on the sign, or the primary focus was men who have sex with men. Being a Heterosexual man, case managers helped me to become comfortable enough to receive the care services that saved my life. I was connected to mental health therapy and supportive services for housing assistance, legal advice, and health insurance access. Thanks to the Ryan White Care Act, I am healthy,
33 years sober, undetectable, and recently married. My wife is HIV negative. We are happy and living our best lives knowing that me being undetectable means I cannot transmit HIV to her. I wish I knew this before my first wife died from breast cancer in 2015. We spent many years in fear.

In my darkest moments, I found purpose. Now I carry the torch. I show others the way by advocating at the local, state, and federal level. I participate in caucuses and conferences. I serve on planning councils, community advisory boards (CABs), and a care agency’s board of directors. I advocate for change. My message is hope for people with similarly lived experiences. My message is unity for all people living with or at risk for HIV.